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Caramel Cake

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Family Story

I believe that my mother brought the recipe with her from Virginia. She always made this delicious cake for birthdays when I was growing up. She died several years ago and I decided to try the recipe for my father's birthday this year (he turned 90!). It brought back wonderful memories of happy days growing up in South Carolina. I think I will restart this tradition and make this Caramel cake for my families birthdays.


1 Step

Cake: 1 box Yellow cake mix, 1 box vanilla pudding, 1/2c canola oil, 1c water, 4 eggs, 1tsp vanilla extract; Cake: Bake cake according to box instructions adding vanilla pudding to the wet mix before baking. Let cake cool.

2 Step

Icing: 2c brown sugar, 1c milk or cream, 3 Tbs salted butter, 1tsp vanilla extract Icing: Stir brown sugar and milk/cream together in cooking pot until dissolved. Heat on medium heat until boiling. Allow to boil approx. 10 minutes. Test readiness by spooning a small amount of liquid into cup of water. If the liquid turns into a soft ball then it is ready. Remove from heat when ready and allow to cool while stirring. (approx 5 min.) Transfer to microwave safe bowl in case you need to reheat. Add butter and vanilla extract and stir until thick. Ice cake. If icing becomes too thick while applying to the cake, reheat or add cream.


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