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Carrot Ginger soup

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Family Story

I was experiencing stomach aches, and constipation. I read that carrot and ginger soup was great for the inflammation and boosts immunity. So I used that as a base. Also I stopped eating meats and artificial flavors so no smoked meat or canned broth. The same with miso broth and bok choy being great on the tummy. I haven’t had a stomach ache since. The other veggies I added for fiber and heartiness! This soup is a whole meal with the potato chunks and kale. Also rich in nutrients you can feel good about eating it and its great for digestion. My ancestors have been guiding me through the kitchen and I am grateful.


1 Step

Boil carrots and ginger in a pot until soft. Let cool a bit and then blend in blender until smooth. Pour back into a pot and add seasonings. Set to the side on low. Separate pot bring potato and carrot chunks to boil. When medium firm, add to original pot of carrot broth on low. Add scallion and bok choy. Remain on low/simmer. Separate pot cook kale down with water until el dente. Then add to original soup mixture, including some of the water from the greens. This will increase broth to veggie ratio.simmer 5 minutes, and serve .


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