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Chicken Kapama

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    4 People
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Family Story

My mother, a Cretan immigrant, made this regularly for our family of 6 with one whole cut up chicken. My three sisters and I often use pieces of chicken or we have morphed it by buying pieces of thigh or breast and cutting it up for ease of serving. In summer of 1993, when my daughter and her boyfriend left Syracuse NY to drive slowly, visiting family and camping, to California, I made this dish for them the night before they left. Seven hours later they were in Reston Virginia staying overnight with my sister and she happily made the same dish for them. Two days later they stopped at their cousins home in North Carolina where … you guessed it, they were served the same easy Greek dinner beloved by everyone in what was by then, three generations of my family.


1 Step

Heat olive oil in heavy deep pot. Add onion and garlic. Lower heat and cook slowly till soft and translucent/ NOT BROWN / for 25 minutes

2 Step

Cut chicken thighs into 4 pieces each Raise heat Toss chicken till it colors slightly, looses raw pinkness

3 Step

Pour in 1 cup tomato sauce Add 1 cup water or chicken broth

4 Step

Add salt, cinnamon, pepper stir to dissolve

5 Step

Raise heat to boil Lower heat to simmer for 1/2 hour

6 Step

Remove meat with slotted spoon to bowl

7 Step

Reduce by a third the soupy tomato sauce. Blot grease off top with paper towels OR carefully dip it out with a spoon and add chicken back in

8 Step

Serve over small pasta like orzo, or rice,

9 Step

Sprinkle with grated cheese


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