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Cranberry Applesauce

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Family Story

This is a Fall harvest recipe, especially nice at Thanksgiving instead of traditional cranberry sauce. My family lovingly calls it "crapplesauce."


1 Step

peel each apple, core and cut into 1/16ths. Put apples in large pot and cook 5-15 minutes on medium/medium low heat until they soften. (If needed, add 2 tablespoons of water to help start cooking.)

2 Step

Add cranberries and cook till apples are saucy but still a bit chunky and most of cranberries have popped, again about 15 min. Remove from heat. Add sugar to taste.

3 Step

Allow mixture to cool and then add lemon juice, to taste. Let sit overnight for flavors to meld. Should be a lovely dark reddish-pink color with apples chunks and a few wisps of cranberry skins. Makes 5-6 cups.


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