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Dill Pickles

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Family Story

My mother, Jan Taylor, shared this very simple recipe with me. Jan Taylor (my mother) was an amazing homemaker and cook. We lived in an area where there was an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Although we did not have a fruit or vegetable garden of our own, she would welcome any and all vegetables and fruit offered to us from friends and neighbors. We also harvested from the ground, any fruit that had fallen from the nearby trees. The Kerr Home Canning book from the early 1950’s was her guide for food preservation (at a cover price of 15 cents!) which I use to this day.


1 Step

Pack “cukes” into jar; add to each quart 1/2 C vinegar and 2 TB salt; stuff dill on top and down sides of jar; fill jar with cold tap water; heat lids and seal. Don’t open for several months.


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