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Family Story

This was the first recipe I asked for when I got married in 1975. I called my grandmother and wrote it was written on the back of a blue envelop from the power company. In 2011, my house was hit by a tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and it was found on the ground afterwards. it is now framed in my new house in the kitchen. It is made throughout my family and I take it to many functions for Thanksgiving and Christmas and people tell me it is exactly what they remember as children from their grandmothers. I remember a lady asking me for the recipe and when I gave it to her she had to call me and ask what a "pone" was as measurement. I asked her where she was from and she told me New Jersey. She had never heard the term "pone." She also laughed about the term "chicken juice."


1 Step

I usually start a day ahead making the cornbread.....crumble it up in a very large bowl. Add the stale bread torn into small pieces. Cover this and let it sit out on your counter over night. You want it to dry out.

2 Step

Next day. Add the onions and the celery. Mix up. Add the pepper and the sage, Mix up.

3 Step

Add the chicken juice and mix. Add enough hot water till you have very moist mixture. You don’t want it floating, but juicy. Taste it. If it needs more sage, salt or pepper, add.

4 Step

Now add the five or six eggs (don’t taste anymore). Pour in baking dish that is greased. Cook for 45 or 55 minutes in 425 oven till brown on top and bubbling.


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