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Foolproof Pie Crust

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Family Story

Grandma Helen contributed this recipe to the United Methodist Women's cookbook, and it has been shared and enjoyed for decades. The recipe began using lard, then Crisco, then Butter Crisco, which is what I use today. My sisters and I had asked her to give us a lesson on how to make it. The day we were together was sadly the afternoon after Grandma's sister's funeral. She didn't offer to reschedule, and we were young enough not to think to ask. When I make this crust I remember that day and the directions given with a heavy heart, but also with love. Keep working it until it's worked in enough, not until I want to be done. Icy cold water. Make it at least a day ahead. It flakes better if it's been frozen. Don't fuss with it too much when rolling it out.


1 Step

With a fork or pastry cutter, mix first 4 ingredients. In a separate dish, beat remaining ingredients. Combine the two, stirring until all ingredients are moistened. Then with hand, mold into dough ball. Chill at least 15 minutes. Dough can be left in refrigerator at least 3 or 4 days or it can be frozen, until ready to use. Makes 2 (9-inch) double crusts and 1 (9-inch) shell. Note: I keep this in the freezer for weeks. Easy to make pies when you have the crust ready to use.


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