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French Crepes

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    6 People
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Family Story

My teenage son wanted to learn to cook and requested learning to make crepes for his first effort. He did brilliantly on his very first try!


1 Step

1. Sift dry ingredients until smooth. 2. Create well in center with hand. 3. Crack 3 eggs inside bowl, then add all 3 to inside of the well. 4. Gently break eggs in only the center area at first, and then slowly whisk in the remaining surrounding flour. 5. Once to a dough-like consistency, slowly add milk a little bit at a time to avoid clumps. 6. Once batter is smooth, heat butter to liquid, then stir into batter. 7. Let rest at least 1 hour. 8. Once ready, pour slightly less than 1/3 cup into crepe pan to cover pan surface - paper thin layer on medium heat (experiment with stove top). 9. Loosen edges with spatula, then access underneath center to flip. 10. Add chocolate chips to melt in center, add fresh fruit, ginger, and cream cheese and fold in edges.


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