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Grandma Esther’s Jewish chicken soup & her egg “noodles”

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Family Story

Esther came to NYC in 1910. My mom was one of her 5 children. Over the long years of visits and holidays I learned from her to make this -- the only chicken soup recipe I've ever seen that uses fresh dill. (My photo includes matzoh balls.)


1 Step

Put raw chicken in cold water. Bring to boil. Skim the goop coagulating at top. Add all the rest of the ingredients. Bring back to simmer & simmer for 45-60 minutes just until chicken meat is cooked thru and tender. Remove chicken pieces, pull meat off bones (keep meat covered so it stays moist) and return all bones & scraps back in. Raise heat & continue to cook until it's a tasty broth, 1-2 hrs. [Note: add water if needed or if taste is weak you have my permission to add some Swanson's stock.] Strain soup, save carrots (and celery if desired). Toss scraps. Cool & chill in fridge. If the soup jells that means it's good! Serve with "noodles: add salt to beaten egg, pour into hot oiled buttered pan to make thin "crepe" - fry a minute, remove, roll up, slice across into thin ribbons, serve hot in the soup.


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