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Grandma Eva’s Carrot Cake

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    12 People
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Family Story

My Mom was the matriarch of a loving family. She made a cookbook and surprised us with it on her 70th birthday. We all cherish this book and it is filled with old pictures and beloved recipes. 4 daughters and 8 grandchildren along with spouses and friends know the cake well and never have a celebration without it. This cake has been made in kitchens throughout Dallas (where we grew up), Detroit, New York, Austin, Cincinnati, and Atlanta. The grandkids have all learned to make it and share the recipe with friends across the country. She passed away in July and what she leaves behind is a legacy of love through food. Her carrot cake was legendary. It travels with us for every gathering, birthday, holiday. Frozen or warm out of the over, on airplanes, in cars, made together in various kitchens. Truly the best cake and every bite is a memory of our beloved mother/grandmother.


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