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Family Story

Family story: Sono Carina — I am half Sicilian and come from a long line of witches — some “good”, some “bad”, though I am not one to judge. Burning sage on one’s chest under a glass to capture the smoke is a way to treat a chest cold, or draw out evil spirits. In the way these things were spoken about in my upbringing, those things are the same to me. Strega Nonna. La mia nonna è la principessa. Un’altra casa pazza. Grandmother which. My Nonna is the princess. Another crazy house. What some people call their “practice” — I call gratitude. ✨ “A place is not just a place. It’s cultivivated by the Beings that live there.” — Euvie Ivanova Cultivation is what witches do best. I suppose artists are witches too.


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Directions: “How about we all take a little time to make a little magic, what a beautiful world it would be. I just go about life looking for the little signs that inspire the fuck out of me. I need people unexpected for me to become friends and I try to understand the ways the world has impacted him, or her, or whomever they may be. I don’t mind if life has made getting through so difficult for thee. I swear by all I am built on and made from that I will try my damnedest to be yours. Just because that’s who I am. Just because that’s what I see. Just because I’m trying to be me. I’m principled. So, I don’t know how I’m going to make it through. Sometimes in this life you’ve just got to do what you gotta do. Yeah, that shit is surely crazy. But not as absolutely psycho-chaotic as “me”. No, not as absolutely psycho, neurotic, crazy as “me”. “I” looks at the littlest things in life with amazement and I don’t know why I see the world the way I do — I truly do — to dream away I’ve got to dream and don’t... ...mean to overdramatic size a single damn thing but I just don’t understand how light falling on a wall,with scratches on the trim,a standard paint job that is subpar (with a layer of dust on it), and a mark of red (smudged right on white) like lipstick on my face IS, and how that is something that most people just simply don’t embrace. Well, Life is quite confusing, and, if we really try, it is just the wondrous most beautiful thing. It can even sometimes make me cry. Cry for help Cry for assistance Cry because I’m sad I’ll cry at the growth of all my loved ones I’ll cry at the stars up in the sky Sometimes I will cry out my voice just to be heard And it’s worth it Oh so worth it Gaia is I am of the Earth and I I am just one body. Yet I I am so much more than just a body. I I am Sensitive To the vibrational reverberation Oh, it’s just the way “I” lives — “I” Lyrics, written and performed by Carina Dorthy Krehl | CDK

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