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Ida’s Matzos Kloese (Dumplings) and Chicken Soup

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Family Story

Dr. Ida Davidoff was a therapist, mother of 4, who lived in New Canaan, Connecticut. Ida was a feminist even before Debra, Golda & Me. Each year she hosted a women's seder where she welcomed women of all ages and backgrounds to her home to celebrate Passover. She was famous for this soup and matzo dumplings, her presentation of Song of Songs and her performance of Yiddish songs. Ida said "Company while you cook is desirable. Company to eat is critical." The photo I have attached is taken by Scott Philips for Fine Cooking magazine; I will look for a non-professional one.


1 Step

FOR THE MATZO MEAL DUMPLINGS: Pour boiling water over he matzo meal, stir until water is absorbed, add fat, then egg, seasoning and parsley. Mix well. Place in icebox, and let stand 1 hour of longer. Roll dough into balls the size of a walnut. if sticky, grease palms of hands or moisten with cold water occasionally. Drop into boiling soup 15 minutes before serving. Boil gently uncovered.

2 Step

CHICKEN SOUP: Cover chicken with water and cook 2 to 3 hours, skimming foam. Midway, add vegetables and half the salt. Sieve soup and skim off fat. Pull chicken from the bones, shop as desired and return to broth. Add some chopped vegetables and he spices. Salt to taste.


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