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Mommie’s Oxtail Stew

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Family Story

This is a busy person update of my mom’s recipe; we all still drool if we just think about it… Mommie always prepared this to commemorate special occasion, and would always make sure to serve this (and her lobster gumbo) at least once when we would return home from university, and later, for the holidays. She passed in 2015, and I am now the keeper of the recipes in our family ❤️


1 Step

Mommie and Daphne’s Oxtail Stew (This will take all day to prepare, but it’s worth it ❤️) 4-5 pounds oxtails 1 tablespoon sea salt 1 tablespoon large ground black pepper 1 tablespoon thyme (fresh if you can get it) 1/2 stick butter 2 pkgs Trader Joe’s mirepoix ( already chopped onion, celery. carrot) 1 pkg peeled garlic cloves 1 750 ml bottle drinkable red wine 4 cups beef or chicken broth Cook in a large spaghetti boiling pot 1. Brown the oxtails on all sides in batches using half the butter on medium heat, and save them on a plate 2. Saute Mirepoix and 1/2 pkg garlic cloves using the rest of the butter until lightly browned/translucent (about 10 minutes, medium heat), and cover/save them on a plate 3. Pour the wine in, bring it to a boil, scrape up all the brown bits from the pan, keep boiling uncovered until reduced to about a cup and a half 4. Add oxtails, salt and pepper; cover pot and simmer for 4 hours. 5. Add vegetables and thyme; simmer for one additional hour. Let cool one hour; serve with rice, mashed potatoes, pasta, polenta, riced cauliflower or roasted vegetables of your choice. It will be even better the next day; remove the fat the has risen to the top, take the meat off the bones, simmer meat and sauce together until sauce is like syrupy gravy, and enjoy again ❤️


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