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Moses’ Waffles

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Family Story

I don’t really like waffles, except for the ones my dad makes. When I called to ask for the recipe, he sent me this email: “Once I started dating your mother, I wanted to show her I could make something, so I went with what I knew — waffles. The story of those waffles begins with my father, Moses. When Bubba and I were kids, we visited Grandpa Moses every other weekend. We would hang out all day Saturday playing baseball, football, going to parks and events, terrorizing cats (long story) or going to work with him on the 96th floor of the World Trade Center. On Sunday, he would wake up early to go play tennis with his crew in NJ and we would stay in bed til he got back to make waffles for us. As we got older, we played more of a role in making breakfast with him, but during high school the tradition paused. We wanted to do other things on the weekend, and soon after we went to college. When I finished college I moved back home before law school. Grandpa Moses used to split a bunch of seats for Jets games and invite folks to join him for waffles before the game. As I began going to the games, the tradition of waffles became a mainstay. It was way more comfortable than a parking lot tailgate. Your mother liked the waffles. In September of 1994, Grandpa Moses dictated the ingredients to her and she wrote down the recipe I sent you. When you and your sister came along, I wanted to keep the homemade waffles tradition alive.” And he did. I love these waffles, and have never had any that are nearly as soft, buttery, or absorbent. Other styles of waffles simply don’t compare to this family recipe. I’m grateful to my mom for taking the time to preserve this tradition on paper, and I’m excited to carry the torch by submitting this updated version of our recipe to the Reclamation exhibit. It feels like a gift to collaborate with ancestors and family in this way, and to share the tradition of care and communion that my Grandpa began with his own sons back in the day. This recipe makes a lot of waffles, so be sure to enjoy with loved ones.


1 Step

Melt butter on stove, then remove from heat.

2 Step

Sift flour twice into a large bowl, and add sugar, baking powder, and salt.

3 Step

Create a hole in the center of the dry mix.

4 Step

Beat egg whites only with a hand blender (on high) until fluffy and slightly stiff. You will know its done when the egg whites stick up when you pull the blender out. Set aside.

5 Step

Beat the egg yolks and pour into hole in the center of the dry mix.

6 Step

Add milk to the center of dry mix as well.

7 Step

Add melted butter to the center of dry mix last.

8 Step

Use hand blender (med-high) to incorporate until batter is smooth.

9 Step

Add egg whites to batter and fold in. It may look a little lumpy.

10 Step

Turn on the waffle iron. When it gets hot, you can make approximately 12 waffles depending on the size of the waffle iron. For larger groups, double or triple the recipe.


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