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Okra and Eggs

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    5 People
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Family Story

This is a true original recipe from my grandmother, who grew up in New Orleans during the Great Depression. Okra and eggs were a staple in my home as a kid, especially when it was time to go to the grocery store to restock on other things. And, it remains one of my favorite dishes to this day... which might be because it was the last thing my mama ate before she had me!


1 Step

1. Wipe down okra with paper towel (don't rinse). Cut off caps and tails if you'd like. Slice.

2 Step

2. Add to DRY pan. Cook slow on medium-low heat for about 30 mins (until no longer slimy and look browned).

3 Step

3. While okra cooking, beat eggs together in a bowl. Salt and pepper.

4 Step

4. When okra are cooked, add beaten eggs. Cook til eggs are done.


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