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Pepperoni Rolls – classic

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Family Story

My dad grew up in WV. His mom (my grandmother) used to make these pepperoni rolls. She always had a batch made when we would visit. I loved them. My mom learned to make them and would bake them at Christmas time because Santa liked to stop at our house for pepperoni rolls and a beer. I’ve been making them for our family reunions and Santa for the past 15 years. Most pepperoni roll recipes on the internet are made with pepperoni slices and/or cheese - those are good, but they aren’t the classic pepperoni rolls. You gotta make them with stick pepperoni that will grease the inside orange with its juices.


1 Step

Follow bread dough directions to thaw and rise Preheat oven to 350 Cut pepperoni into bite size triangles or long sticks (whichever is preferred) Once dough has risen, pinch small amount and flatten to 4” diameter - place pepperoni on one side, roll a little, add more pepperoni, roll more until it is rolled up. Tuck ends. Place on baking tray 1 loaf should make around 12 rolls Bake for 20 mins or until golden brown.


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