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Family Story

I have created a blog of family recipes so my family can refer to them, additionally they have been referenced by people all over the world. My recipes are all dairy-free and many are vegan and organic concentrating on health. We grow our own organic basil because and have relied on this pesto to boost our immune systems. It is delicious and very versatile and can be frozen in ice cube trays so it is ready to share or use in recipes. My family has shared this pesto with me, and I have also shared this pesto with others. It has created a much looked forward to tradition for us. Please feel free to check out my website at: (search pesto) This recipe is also searchable on my facebook page:


1 Step

1.Place the basil leaves in the pestle and mortar with the salt.

2 Step

2.Crush them a bit and add in the garlic and pine nuts with some of the oil.

3 Step

3.Add in more oil as you need it until the mixture is blended.

4 Step

4.Some leaves will still remain and that is fine.

5 Step

5.Use this pesto on all foods.


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