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Family Story

These pizzelle cookies were always part of family celebrations throughout the years. Having a baby? Someone will make pizzelles. Bridal shower? Someone will make pizzelles. Birthday, Christmas, Visiting? You get it, there will be a stack of pizzelles ready to munch on. The iron used is a heritage iron that is handed down throughout the generations. Many have intricate carvings on them that indicate an important date in the family. I have an iron that I brought back from Italy and carved my family initial in it. The consistency of the cookie may change from region to region, but the recipe stays the same. Simple and delicious, with a bit of happiness!


1 Step

Place the first 4 ingredients in a mixer on low until combined.

2 Step

Slowly add in the flour, mixing until thickened but thin enough to drop by the tablespoonful onto the pre-heated pizzelle iron.

3 Step

Cook a little on each side, approximately 5-8 sec. on each side, flipping it over until they are a light golden brown color. If sticking occurs, use a dull knife to release the cookie.

4 Step

Cool on a rack.


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