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Family Story

Every time I make tis dish , my memory takes me back to my birth town of Junagadh ,India 10000 miles away.This was the signature family dish made by my aunt who spent 70 years of her life as a widow. Our extended family spent Diwali and summer holidays in Junagadh. Since Ramamasi had no kids of her own she spoiled us by making interesting savory and sweet dishes to pamper us.Making pooda is very easy for me because I have store bought chickpea flour handy, a teflon coated griddle and electric stove that I can monitor the heat.For my aunt that was daunting task. She had to take yellow split lentils to grind mill, collect wood appropriate for wood burning stove and make 100 or some pods to feed all the family members. Managing the right amount of heat, thinness and crispness of Poodas using a clay pan was hard task in the summer heat of 112F. even after 50 years, I can still close my eyes and remember smiling face, serving us poodas ,sweat running on her face but face filled with extreme pleasure. Pooda is traditional dish from State of gujarat and I remember my mother telling me that if young woman does not know how to make pooka,she will not be considered o be an eligible candidate for arranged marriage.


1 Step

Mix flour, water, cilantro, garlic, salt, chili powder and mix it with hand mixer. let it stand for ten minutes. Heat flat pancake pan. apply oil on the pan by dabbing with oil dipped paper towel . let it warm up and then spread pooka batter evenly on the pan. Add oil on the edges with spoon. cook at medium heat till it can be flipped over, about 2 minutes. Flip and cook for another 2 minutes. Serve hot.

2 Step

Serve with stewed apples, cucumber tahini and spicy tomato sauce.


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