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Sue’s Corn “Chowder”

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Family Story

This “chowder” is what happens when a lactose-intolerant, Asian-American, Bostonian mother and daughter both fall in love with corn chowder—but not the copious amounts of Lactaid required to consume it. When I was in kindergarten, I became best friends with a girl in my class named Aila. Our families became very close; we played together often, our younger brothers played together often, and our moms met up often too.

One day, Aila’s mom served us corn chowder during a playdate and it BLEW MY MIND. It was my first time trying chowder, despite being a born and raised New Englander, because my mom and I are lactose intolerant. (Thankfully, I had been armed with Lactaid.) That day, I fell in love with corn chowder, and I told my mom all about it when I came home. My mom decided to literally and figuratively feed this burgeoning chowder love, so she dug out her recipes and found a corn chowder recipe from her friend, Lori. Lori used to rave about this recipe from her mother, but my mom never touched it because of the cream. So my mom set out to make a delicious corn “chowder,” based on Lori's mother's recipe, that us lactose-intolerant folks could enjoy. And here we are now.

(Yes, I know this recipe is very vague. A lot of it is guesstimation work and using up what you have lying around. My mom recommends making your own broth if you have scraps lying around and using fresh corn from the cob during the summer. Good luck!)


1 Step

In a pan, cook bacon strips. Set aside on a paper towel on a dish when done.

2 Step

In a large pot or Dutch oven, cook the onion with oil until translucent.

3 Step

Add celery and carrot, and let sweat a bit.

4 Step

Add enough water to cover everything and cook for about 10 minutes.

5 Step

Add potatoes, stock/broth, and bay leaf.

6 Step

Cook everything until tender.

7 Step

Add creamed corn, corn kernels, and bacon, then let simmer for 15-20 minutes.

8 Step

Add salt and pepper to taste.


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